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Completed in about 3 weeks for a university assessment.

  This game is majorly unfinished: a lot of the graphics are still just
placeholder, the sounds are very basic, and I didn't get enough time to put
in my narrative at all. You'll notice that the "missions" in the game are
very simple and have no depth, this is because they were originally supposed
to be narrative prompts that would slowly unravel a story - the simple, slow
gameplay was only to be used a tool to further the narrative (e.g. by diving
deeper in to the ocean, or by collecting artifacts).
  The plot was supposed to be that you are a diver looking for atlantis,
you respond to scientists from above the surface and report your findings to
them. At some point during the game, you would receive a transmission from the
scientists telling you that nuclear bombs were dropped and destroyed much
of society above. You play the rest of the game on your own, with no contact
to the scientists or anybody else. The game is called 'Descent' as I wanted
the character to literally descend in to madness as they dive deeper to the
  The 9 tiles of the map are randomly generated every time the player
enters "descend" in to the input box, which acts as a very basic parser. I'm
quite happy with the way my map-generation turned out as it has the potential
to become much, much more complex if I had the time to further develop it.


-Phone Ringing sound:

-Phone Beeping sound: 

-Phone Hang-up sound:

-Fuel Pick-up sound:

-Research Beeps sound:

-Blast sound:

-Voice/Gibberish Generator:

-Error sound:

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