My first time using Javascript in university :)

A sort of amalgamation of some of my favourite paintings by French Surrealist René Magritte. The music is split up in to individual instruments, which fade in and out as each image scrolls in to view. The images and music loop regardless of which direction the user is scrolling. The images I painted are not solely derived from Magritte's work but instead I used shapes and colours that I felt morphed in to each other naturally.

-The music loops all play at once when the Sketch is first loaded, just once. I'm not sure why this is happening and could not think of how to stop it.
-Although the music samples loop correctly, there is a sort of disjointedness to it that I don't hear when just listening to the samples outside of the Sketch. This could be due to P5.JS's processing or something else that I am not aware of.